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To offer a quick vaporizer definition to help you get started, they heat materials, like herbs, oils, and waxes to create vapor.

Many people today recognize the term vaping, and are familiar with e-cigs and e-juice, but that’s only one subset of the tech and uses available.

What are Vaporizers? The top online headshop explains.
There are tons of different types of vaporizers to choose from


Unlike traditional methods, these personal devices result in less smoke, better flavor, and a less harsh throat hit.

There are also more variable vaporizers that can restrict the airflow mechanism to allow for fine-tuning your experience. It’s really important to consider that there are several types of vaporizers on the market to choose from, ranging from vape pens to other portable vaporizers, and desktop vape models like the Volcano Vaporizer.

Portable vaporizers like vape pens are a great choice for an aficionado on-the-go. Desktop vaporizers offer more power, but they’re also stationary convection devices. Before you make your decision on what’s the best vaporizer to buy, read this article. Knowing your own specific needs will help lead you to the best decision possible.


It’s important to know what type of material you’re working with before you buy a vaporizer. For example, oils may not be safe to use with some dry herb vape devices, unless of course you’re using a combination vaporizer.

Here at Headshop, we aim to provide the best selection of dry herb vaporizers, oil vaporizers, and wax vaporizers to meet your needs. Read below to find out the best vaporizer to meet your unique needs.


Vaporizer tech has come a long way since its inception. Portable vape devices are discreet, have a longer battery life than ever before, temperature control, and many vape devices have wattage control. With the recent popularity of e-cigs, we’ve seen a gigantic leap that allows many different types of people to enjoy their lifestyle on their terms.

Portable vaporizer battery life has specifically come a long way, resulting in the ability to swap vaporizer batteries, and no longer relies on devices with batteries built in.

Smaller vape pen and e-cig devices are excellent for those who want something similar to analog experience.

G Pen Nova Vaporizer

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Honey Stick Elf Vaporizer


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Yocan (R)Evolve


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Firefly Screens


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There are also many ways to customize your vaping experience, from Arizer Silicone Skins to protect your Arizer vaporizer, to Firefly Screens to keep your Firefly Vaporizer in tip-top condition.

This means that your personal device can be fine-tuned to your custom vaping needs.

Desktop vaporizer options come in many popular choices, like the popular Volcano Vaporizer, and the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer.

What type of vaporizer is right for you depends on your needs.


This really boils down to what you’re looking to get out of your experience.

If you want to vaporize essential oils, for example, you may not want to splurge for a Volcano for vaping. Make sure to read the descriptions when you make your purchase, so you know which product is best for your needs.

Headshop offers the entire range of products for you to choose from.

Desktop vaporizers for people who want an at-home experience, portable vaporizers for those always on-the-go, and more. The possibilities to fit your unique lifestyle are endless.

You can sort by price, by category, even by aromatic flavor and by color. We have countless options for your unique lifestyle and personal aesthetic.


There is no specific cut and dry answer for this question. However, plenty of people find that vaping is a more enjoyable experience compared to traditional smoking. When you burn materials, this is called combustion. This leads to smoke, when it reality vape technology has lead us to a better solution: vapor. Vapor relies on convection instead of combustion, simply heating material like herbs, oils, and waxes to create a smoother experience.

The convenience of being able to vape on-the-go is also a boon for those who favor convenience.

Traditional methods also don’t allow you to customize your experience as much. Consider the ability to control wattage, airflow, flavor, and more. New vaporizer technology has opened up the possibilities, and as new technological strides come into focus, the industry is growing every day.

Also, consider the effects of smoke itself. Smoke can stain teeth, furniture, walls, and more. The scent can also linger, so choosing vaporizers over traditional methods can protect your home and your health.


Keep in mind that there are many different options for your lifestyle. There are discreet options like portable vape devices, and vape pens, but there are also desktop models for home use. Depending on which experience you like, one device will be the best vaporizer to choose.

What is a pen vaporizer, anyways? The G Pen is a great example.


Vaping pens are compact devices that function most like traditional methods. They’re slim, light-weight, and can be fit into your pocket easily.

These have internal batteries more often than not, and many contain e-juice or e-liquid, prepackaged. Some pen vapes come with pre-selected flavors, many of them require certain vape pods or inserts that you’ll want to purchase.

They’re hand-held, discreet, and easy to carry around. If you’re looking for a traditional smoking experience, this is probably your best option.

Check out our G Pen Nova Vaporizer, or for something with more style, check out our KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizers. You can also purchase battery extensions for some pen vaporizers, like KandyPens Slim Battery options.


Portable vaporizers are the nice middle-ground between wanting a discreet product, but also wanting something more powerful than a vape pen. These devices can be charged via an outlet, but many of them offer the ability to swap out batteries, and some even offer different sizes for your batteries.

Portable vaping devices come in many different types, like the more aficionado friendly models like the Vivant Dabox Vaporizer that don’t require much customization and have intuitive controls and an EZ Load Flip Door. There are also more robust models like the KandyPens MIVA 2 Vaporizer, which offers temperature control, and within 2 seconds or less will heat up when a temperature is chosen.

Although portable vaporizers are pocket-friendly, it’s a good idea to purchase a case. If you’re thinking of buying a Firefly 2, consider getting a Firefly 2 Case with a Zipper. Button misfiring can happen in your pocket, so please keep that in mind.

Portable vaporizers also have the option to choose your own vape flavors more often than not, many people use them for vaping ejuice or eliquid.

However, products like the Pax 3 take certain concentrates and materials, so you’ll want to be very aware of what device you’re using, and what you’re trying to vape.

If you’re looking for pain reduction or are focused on your health, consider a Davinci Vaporizer, which gives you options to set your specific temperature control to better deliver your medicinal materials of choice.

Cloud 9 Portable Vaporizer
Desktop Vaporizers like the Volcano are great for people who like to vape at home.



Advanced heating systems can deliver a smoother hit, more aromatic vapor, and better control. Portable vape devices and vaping pens are more powerful than ever, but some people prefer to keep their device at home. They also tend to be large and unwieldy, and require you to plug them into an actual outlet.

The best desktop vaporizers offer more room for the internal heating systems, so if you’re looking for a powerful vape, consider desktop devices. Whether you’re a recreational aficionado, using vaporizers for pain management, or simply enjoy vaping aromatic essential oils, think about how much vapor you’re aiming to create. Think about your lifestyle: do you need to vape on-the-go, or would you prefer to stay at home?

These questions will help you make a decision about the best vaporizer to buy.


Smoking methods such as glass pipes and joints use combustion methods and require fire. Vaporizers heat the material through a convection process and are often gentler as they don’t have as many known irritants. Combustion heating vaporizers don’t always burn materials, but it often can, so when considering a vaporizer, you may want to go for a combination of both or stick with convection heating.


This specific method of heating has to do with dry contents and is best used for dry herbs and not ejuice, eliquids, waxes, or oils. A combination vaporizer that relies on both conduction and convection is a good choice for those who want to vape on-the-go more quickly, as the material is heated faster.

We strongly urge you not try a dry herb vaporizer for your ejuice products. It simply won’t work. Knowing what type of material you have, how much vapor you want, and what type of experience you want to have (home vaping, on-the-go vaping, vape pens) will go a long way towards  helping you make your choice and find the best vaporizer possible.


To put it simply, air is heated up instead of materials like oils or herbs. When you think about convection, think about steaming something versus cooking it on an open flame. When you think about combustion, think heating materials themselves. Convection heating is particularly useful where vape pens or portable vaporizers are concerned, as many of them use wax, oils, or ejuice. Burning your ecig liquid with a bad coil, for those of you who are already interested in the hobby, never tastes great.

In convection heating, the heating element sits below a tank, where the atomizer is connected to the power source. A heat source powers up when you activate the vaporizer, causing the contents of your tank (vaping ejuice, essential oils, waxes, or CBD oils) to make vapor.

Hot air passes through your chamber in many portable vaporizer devices, and the airflow can be controlled by twisting the airflow section. This can create a harder draw, or you can leave it open and get a more airated experience.


For every preference and every lifestyle, Headshop offers a plethora of high-quality options. But purchasing the right vape product for your needs requires you to do a little bit of research, and really take into consideration things like use, type of material you wish to vape, and price point.

Think about the following questions first, before you make a purchase. Think about your budget, but remember, you do get what you pay for. There are plenty of inexpensive options to choose from, but for example, cheap vape pens may not suit your needs if you want more flavor, to be able to use your own ejuice, oils or waxes, etc.

We only carry high-quality products, from all assortments of price ranges, but it’s important to consider how much use your vape is going to be subject to.



This is one of the most important and pressing questions to ask yourself before you make a vaporizer purchase. What exactly are you vaping? Is it ejuice, eliquid, wax, oils, or essential oils? If this is the case, you want to go with a convection heating system.

Do you need something to vape on-the-go? You may need a portable device or a pen vape. Always check compatibility with the products you buy, as well. Certain handheld vape pens only take certain pods or cartridges. You don’t want to end up with a bunch of cartridges or pods that you can’t use with your new device.

Trying to find the best dry herb vaporizer? Vape pens are probably not your best option here.

Knowledge is power when it comes to choosing the right product for the best experience possible.


Are you interested in ecig devices, and want to use your brand new ejuice? Think about the details. If you want to fine-tune your experience, think about variable wattage, temperature control, airflow control, and even battery life. This is important to consider if you are a hobbyist and like to build your own RTA or RDA.

RTAs are rebuildable tank atomizers, and RDAs are rebuildable drip atomizers. Both offer a different vaping experience for non-dry materials, and you can finely tune your flavor, aroma, and concentration experience.

It’s important to consider what you’re using your new vaporizer for, especially when some products only work with certain materials. If you need a longer battery life, you may want to go with vapes with external batteries, not an internal pack that needs to be charged via a USB or AC adapter. That way you always have the ability to vape, even if your battery runs out of juice, you can simply switch it out on the fly.

You also might need to invest in a carrying pack for your vape device, or a battery container. It’s really up to you, your unique preferences, and vaping lifestyle.



When buying any electronic device, it’s important to consider customer service. Even if you never have any challenges where your personal device is concerned, it’s good to be able to reach out to a manufacturer or a help desk for trouble with your device. Warranties are also important, especially where making big purchases are concerned. If there’s a challenge with your vape device, you can simply send it back for repairs.

Here at Headshop, we’re committed to your satisfaction, but do note that we’re not actually a manufacturer. It’s important to know, especially with a larger purchase for a more robust or high-tech vaping device, who to call, email, or reach out to in case you need assistance.


For hobbyists and newcomers alike, budgets are something you need to think about. Many people start small with a vape pen, and then as time goes on, they choose a portable device that offers them more control over their vaping experience.

If you’re already well aware of what you’re looking for, perhaps you need more power and want a desktop vaporizer, it’s good to be aware of what each device offers per each price point.

Headshop offers a wide range of options to choose in terms of price, and our selection can be sorted from low to high, and high to low. We also offer sorting by popularity, which can point you in the right direction, as other people may have often bought the product you think you want to buy. Checking out reviews for products is important, also.



If you ever have questions about what vaporizer is right for you, concerns about custom vaping needs, or what types of vaporizer you should be using, reach out.

We're more than happy to help you create the best vaping experience possible.