14” GRAV® Menorah


The extra-thick foot stand makes this menorah easy to pick up and move around. Because it is slanted, your GRAV will shine directly down onto the table, creating a warm, welcoming glow.

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SKU: e2922cef-7239-4bce-965b-f0318b38fdcf Categories: , , ,
SKU: e2922cef-7239-4bce-965b-f0318b38fdcf Categories: , , ,


This limited edition 14” GRAV® Menorah is a one-of-a-kind item that slants upwards to direct more light down onto your holiday table. With an extra-thick foot stand and angled mouthpiece, this unique Hanukkah menorah easily stands up to the heat of the candle flame. A perfect fit for any Gryffindor™ house or for anyone who likes to keep their holidays a little bit crazy!

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