Chill Pink Glitterbomb Steel Pipe


Chill’s pink glitterbomb 13″ steel pipe is equipped with their patented vacuum insulated base and delivers hits as good as it looks.

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SKU: 376c2387-9e91-4dfb-ac43-cc2544dfb423 Categories: , , , , ,
SKU: 376c2387-9e91-4dfb-ac43-cc2544dfb423 Categories: , , , , ,


About The Chill Pink Glitterbomb Steel Pipe

Chill has released their brand new limited edition Pink Glitterbomb steep pipe with only 300 pieces in production. This pipe is fully equipped with their patented, vacuum insulated glitterbomb base and 8.5″ neckpiece to bring this pipe to a massive height of 13″ total.


  • Patented, vacuum insulated pink glitterbomb base
  • Standard 8.5″ pink glitterbomb neckpiece (13″ total)
  • An unbreakable aluminum down stem
  • A borosilicate glass bowl piece
  • Chill lifetime guarantee
  • Do not use chemical cleaners or salt – only ISO recommended

Additional information

Weight 3.000 kg


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