Eyce 2.0


The new Eyce 2.0 is equipped with a new patented design that allows all of the essential features of a hookah to be retained while introducing modern features to improve the overall experience.

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The EYCE 2.0 uses a large silicone mold that is filled with freezing water.

Can be removed as a fully functional pipe completely made of ice. The Eyce 2.0 is great for parties RV trips and special gatherings. Easy to make travel with and break down. The EYCE is an affordable device that creates the smoothest coldest and cleanest smoke possible!
The Genie is a great bong for any occasion. Whether you are relaxing at home at a party or in the park the Genie can be enjoyed in many places and situations. The Genie has top-quality silicone construction making it durable and long lasting. The high-quality silicone allows the bong to be heat resistant. The Genie comes with a downstem that allows you to use it as an alternative to a traditional hookah bowl.

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